The Closet

Georgia Bellas

We rattle the door without a doorknob. We press against its wood, damp and swollen in the frame, but it won’t budge. We peel paint off in strips that flutter down like confetti. We remember the sound of laughter but the noises we make are strangled ancient winds. We push our fingers in the cracks. We bang our head against the wall. Many little animals spill out of our keyhole, a scurrying of shadows and legs and wings, a chittering, a breaking, a gasp. We will never open the door. We will never turn on the light. We will never stop.

Georgia Bellas is a writer/artist/filmmaker who is passionate about puppets and plants. She plays theremin in the hypnagogic band Sugar Whiskey and her teddy bear is host of the podcast Mr. Bear’s Violet Hour.