Three Poems: Between Two Mouths, Harm, and The Kiss of Judas

Lisa DeCastro

Editor’s note: I’m drawn to Lisa’s poetry because it’s both intricate and accessible. Her poems are filled with desire, ache, love, loss and written with control and skill. They are richly written and felt. — Janice Leagra

Between Two Mouths

Between two mouths
An exchange of eternity
Words uttered
Silently at first
Without baring teeth

Lips apart, pressed together
Inviting, anticipating

The kiss

Setting fire to passion
With gentle strokes
and frantic desire

Two mouths
Exploring the territory of the flesh
Of want

Their tongues, curious travelers
Translating an intimate dialogue
Understanding necessity
and the power that lies

Between two mouths


Just before Carnival
Somewhere before the dawn
An unholy fire burns
Liquid red

The second hand turns
but catches nothing
Only harm
Like it catches our tears

We lie awake
By a polluted river
that runs through the city like children

We mark time with the hand that feeds
because it gives seconds
Until we are nauseated

This is the point of no return
Marked by the ticking of the clock
The flowing stream
The things we surrender to
And the jinx

It is the pivot on which we stand
Center to all and nothing
That statue that is photographed
before its decay

The Kiss of Judas

The kiss of Judas
A beautiful betrayal

Soft bitterness rests on my lips

But to kiss you was to love
and hate you at once

My Judas, what it was to kiss you

Lisa De Castro has been a teacher for 22 years, joyfully passing along, among other wisdom, her love of an eclectic range of literature and music. She is the author of three books: Margot, The Beauty of Decay, and The Girls of Songwood. Her poetry has also been featured in Resurrection Magazine.

Married with two teenage daughters, De Castro currently teaches high school English. Find her on Twitter: @QueenofCastoria.