Meet the Team

by Janice Leagra

I thought it would be a good idea to post links to some of the writing published by our stellar Janus Literary team, as a way of introducing them to our future contributors and readers. You can read more about each of these talented people on the masthead page.

In alphabetical order, so they don’t think I’m playing favorites…

Neil Clark

Cosmic Micros 2020” – Fractured Lit

Dead Man from the Ocean Floor” – The Molotov Cocktail (this story won first place in Molotov’s Flash Monster competition)

Tim Craig

The Falling Silent” – Bath Flash Fiction Award

The Trouble With Pirates” – Reflex Fiction

Jason Jackson

Of Photography and Truth” – Fractured Lit

A Little Like Hope” – Craft Literary

Cheryl Pappas

Stranger” – Jellyfish Review

Hunger” – Atlas and Alice

Sara Siddiqui

Rolling Sweat” – Fictive Dream

A Tug or Two” – Barren Magazine

Tara Isabel Zambrano

Alligators” – Barrelhouse

Ghosht Korma” – SmokeLong Quarterly